Distribution Boards Wholesalers in Mumbai
Ratandeep Hardware & Electricals is an esteemed Organization based in Navi Mumbai, and one of the best Distribution Boards Wholesalers in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. Distribution Boards usually comprises of either ACB/MCCB as the incomer and the MCCB/SFU/MCB as the outgoing feeders. The Distribution Boards are of a free standing type or the wall mounting type. The Distribution Boards can be offered in compartmentalized or not compartmentalized design with single and double door configuration. Distribution boards have the adequate space for the cable termination. Terminals are shrouded for the safety.
Few of the Salient features of Distribution Boards are as below
• Designed to meet the requirement of IS-8623 on Factory built assemblies.
• Flexible construction allows the positioning of the bus bar at the top or bottom.
• Bus bars and vertical risers tested for 50KA for a sec.
• DMC/SMC reinforced FRP material for bus bars supports.
Ratandeep Hardware & Electricals provide wholesale & retails services of Non-Compartmentalized Power Distribution Panels–Boards popularly called PDBs in industries.
Compartmentalized. MCC was popular in earlier days from view of separate feeder. But from view of better heat efficiency of components and saving of space non compartmentalized PDBs are increasingly popular. These offer advantage of access to multiple devices at a glance and also saving of money due to much shorter lengths of wiring and termination.
For any of your requirement for Distribution Boards, connect with Ratandeep Hardware & Electricals the best Distribution Boards Wholesalers in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.